Hello, and welcome to my world...This blog is currently a work in progress and a huge learning curve for me so please do visit again! It will improve with time! Love, Mummy Bear x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Moving on-a new blog

I didn't really keep to my blog, I think it's because I initially set it up to record my crochet progress, then found out that I was pregnant and I had a lot more to keep up with than crochet! I found it difficult to find the words, they wouldn't flow, and it's sat neglected for a while.

I love the idea of recording our life through a blog, so have created a new one: And Baby Makes Four! It will still record my (at the moment rather slow) crochet, as well as my three year old, the new baby, our lives in general and the animals. I do hope that some of you will come over with me.

It's very bare at the moment, but I'm working on it!


Much love to you all xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Testing, testing...

Just a little drivel from me as I attempt technology and try to post from my new iPhone my lovely hubby treated me to a couple of days before our new little bundle arrived!

Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year everyone!

One of my New Year Goals is to blog at least twice a week, as I intended to when I started. I'm thinking twice a week should be achievable, even with the new baby, who's actually going to be making an appearance in the next 9 weeks! Time's flown by!

Other goals include:

1) Being MORE organised-I missed/had to reschedule SO MANY appointments last year it was embarrassing!

2) Keeping the house tidier/more organised. My house is clean, but gets terribly cluttered. Baby Bear started nursery on wednesday, she'll be going 5 afternoons per week. It takes half an hour to walk each way. Even with 'Bump Recovery Time' which involves unlocking the door, making a cup of tea and collapsing in the nearest chair gasping for a few minutes, I have a good hour and a half to two hours in which to make a dent in the housework. So I began reading about Flylady, though it looked confusing armed with my new snazzy pink A5 page per day diary I began jotting and planning and it's taking shape nicely. I SHALL be an organised person with a tidy house and not have to sprint around throwing junk in cupboards before anyone visits...I shall!

3) Save some money. I have no idea where it goes! Hard working Daddy Bear puts in a lot of overtime, we get paid weekly, yet still have more week than money! We don't go out, budget the shopping etc and I'm stumped! I really need to look into this!

I'll be back in a bit recapping what 'Flying' I've achieved whilst B-B's at nursery, we have to leave shortly. xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I haven't updated for a while, have I? Shortly after my last post I wasn't feeling too clever, I was tired, constantly, and really irritable-which I put down to the tiredness. I tried to push through the tiredness, but it was like a constant fog muzzing my brain. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the reason for my tiredness was.....

Can you see him or her there? Yes, a suprise, but an incredibly happy one! This is him/her at about 8 weeks.

And here we are at 12 weeks 4 days, looking much more baby-like!

So, that's my big news!

Whilst I've been away we've spent lots of time making the most of the lovely warm weather and have been taking our lunch down to the ponies and spending most of the day there

I know I'm biased, but aren't they beautiful?!

We've also had some lovely days out at the beach and various other places, but I'll have to add the pictures and details later as right now it's 1:33am here and I'm shattered!

Night all

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Greetings from the Yarny Hearts Household!

I've been very naughty and once again neglected my blogging, I say neglected, I actually keep forgetting that I have one!

Not much has really happened here in the gap between posts, nothing overly exciting, but then nothing overly dramatic either, life has been speeding by and I can't quite believe we're almost halfway through the year! I find that quite sad as in just over five months my Baby Bear will be THREE! There's mixed emotions there, pride at having such a grown up little person whom everyone comments on how polite and good natured she is and sadness at how quickly these precious baby years go by.

With the weather warming up Baby Bear and I have had many afternoons at the park

You must excuse the Windswept I-Can't-Do-A-Thing-With-My-Hair look! Someone's currently at a stage where hair bobbles, bands, hats, coats and random articles of clothing are constantly removed!

Baby Bear also discovered the first flush of Young Love!

And went on a ride all by herself for the first time!

(Again, excuse the hair!)

We planted some sunflowers, courtesy of our parrots food mix (!!) Baby Bear planted the seeds all by herself! We were amazed when they began to grow, here they are this morning!

I shall transfer them into individual pots in a few days if they continue to survive the Little Gardener!

I've also been presented with many very special, very elaborate and very unique bouquets A'la Baby Bear!


As I mentioned earlier I was shocked when I realised that we're almost halfway through the year. This year I planned to turn a very magnolia house into a lovely bright and colorful home. I've achieved nothing in that department! All that's actually happened is that a very new, plain house has become a plain, messy house! So I decided to crack on with it! Unfortunately I seemed to lose my mojo for a few weeks. I kept scouring charity shops, boot sales and craft stores for things but nothing seemed to excite or inspire me. I've been looking for some old and unusual prints for the walls, maybe an interesting blank card, which are always fab framed if they don't have a greeting on the front, but again, nothing.

I started many crochet projects half hearted, only to give in a few rows in. I seemed totally disillusioned, flat and, to give it a technical term, Bleugh!

For inspiration I turned to Ravelry. I ordered a pack of 17 different Lucy inspired colours from Masons (amazing service and super speedy delivery by the way!) and set to work on a new project.

 I really wanted to brighten up my sofas, cream sofas, cream walls and beige carpeting-not me at all! So I made a throw for my two seater sofa seat cushions. I initially decided to make separate seat and back throws for my larger sofa, as it's HUGE-8 feet arm to arm, but decided that it would be good to do for both of them, then I can make lots of smaller throws and mix and match, it will never get boring!

Ten days later I had this

Last night I decided to whip up another Attic24 creation and Ta-Da!!

We did have one drama whilst I've been away, a couple of weeks ago we lost Clyde! I couldn't find him anywhere! I scoured the area, rang vets, animal shelters, knocked door to door, but there was no sign of him anywhere. If he heard me calling he would come to me, I was sure of it, so after 24 hours I was convinced that he was gone forever. He's an indoor cat, had gotten out as my husband came in the front door, so my mind was filled with images of him being chased away by the local tom cats, lost, alone, afraid and even worse. The following afternoon my husband called me from the site he was working on, whilst loading up the lorry to come home they had investigated a strange noise coming from beneath and there was Clyde, sat on the chassis, afraid and dirty but very relieved! The silly boy had obviously climbed on, we don't know when, then stayed on even when the lorry was started and left running for five minutes before leaving. He travelled over twenty miles to the work site, where he sat under there for nine hours whilst they worked, making himself known when they finished! It's so lucky he didn't fall off whilst in transit or jump off when they stopped and get lost miles from home! He came home in the cab much to his relief and looked rather pitiful covered in oil! He was booked into the vets for a pre-neutering check two days later and after a quick word with the vet who said if he was eating and drinking OK, and seemed OK in himself not to take him in until his appointment, he had a bath and lots of cuddles.

He had a couple of minor burns on his pads, had broken a few claws but got the all clear from the vet.

Here he is after his bath!

Wow, for a quick update I've really prattled on! I shall go now, and leave you with a couple of silly doodles I've done this afternoon-drawing really isn't my strong point!